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Virtual Shopfloor

Like working on a real machine

In set-up mode for the virtual machines, the trainees are taught the action sequences required to move the axes, set the zero point, enter a program, etc. During this process, the trainees are provided with concrete instructions and assistance to allow them to work completely independent. The entries are made using a virtual control keyboard which is an accurate copy of a SINUMERIK 802C keyboard.

The virtual machines make it possible to realistically experience the effects of entries, such as axis movement, turret or tool changer cycling, etc. The machines are so realistically reproduced that it is possible to actually measure using a 3D measuring probe or scratch using a turning tool – “virtual” swarf is even produced.


In the event of an unintentional crash, the trainee is literally given a fright – but better here than on the “real” machine.

At the end of the training unit the trainee is rewarded with the possibility of “virtually” producing some of the programming examples from the workbook.

Familiarising yourself with shopfloor and CNC machines

Trainees can familiarise themselves with the assembly groups and functions of CNC machines in a realistically reproduced virtual shopfloor environment as an introduction to CNC qualification. Interactive animations provide basic information about the machine environment, such as:

Measuring and inspection means

  • Clamping means
  • Torque
  • Designs
  • Tool clamping
  • Clamping path adjustment
  • Clamping pressure adjustment
  • Infrared measuring probe
  • Zero point off set
  • Ball screw
  • Linear drive
  • Direct and indirect measurement
  • Central lubricating system
  • PLC

In the virtual shopfloor “equipped” with virtual machines, trainees can find clear answers to the question “How does it function?” This motivates the trainee to enter deeper into the subject of CNC.