Smarttech 3D ScanBright Archeo

ScanBright archeo 300x300ScanBright archeo 3D scanner – is a complex solution providing professional digitalization of museum objects for various applications- starting with simple visualization for virtual museum creation up to precise archivization process.

ScanBright archeo has been designed for professional digitalization of fragile and precious museum objects according to Recommendation for planning and conducting digitalization of museum objects. Thanks to wide cooperation with many museum institution, ScanBright archeo meets highest requirement of measurements and also provides realistic models for virtual museums and 3D printing.

Scan accuracy up to 30 µm and high point cloud density (to 650 points/ mm²) provides precise geometry representation and enables 3D archivary or virtual research based on scanning. The use of high class detector with real color image and highest resolution (18 MPix) on the market gives you the possibility to visualize the smallest changes and appreciate the artist finesses in every detail.

SAFETY GUARANTEED -White light 3D scanning technology uses only white spectrum of light which guarantees user full safety of precious models.

EASY TO USE – Each 3D scanner is delivered and installed at the clients site and together with mobile workstation and software is instantly ready to use. To make sure your measurement is precise ScanBrihgt archeo is calibrated on production site and checked according to VDI/VDE 2634. Professional transport cases and specialized ISA module (Internal Shock Absorber) integrated in scanner head casing ensure that no end user calibration is needed.

3D scanner designed for national heritage preservation -Over decade of experience in 3D scanner production and museum heritage measurement, gave us opportunity to adjust scanning process for museology needs, offer precise rotate table to automate measurement. As an additional features we advanced light markers for automatic scan merging (no need for physical markers) and specialized application for automated periodic measurement for damage assessment. We provide professional service, technical help and complex training in 3D scanning and data post processing.

Technical specification

Scanning Technology Structural White Light
Detector resolution 18; 10 Mpix
Measuring field [mm2] 150×200 – 1200×1600
Distance between points [mm] 0,04 – 0,40
Sampling rate [points/mm2] 9 -650
Nuber of points from one scan 10 – 18 milions
Texture scanning +
Time of scanning 10 – 45 sec


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