You can set up a comprehensive training structure in CNC technology using SYMplus.

The pyramid symbolises and illustrates the contents of this 4-stage CNC training concept:

  • At the top of the training pyramid is a very easy to understand CAD/CAM module. Even in connection with the CNC basic training, the Graphical dialog is a great help, particularly for complex contours.
  • In the area CONTROL SIMULATOR you can reinforce your skills for individual programming of certain control systems.
  • The new CNC basic training is identified by the new term PALplus with operating modes MULTIMEDIA and SIMULATOR.
  • In the VIRTUAL SHOPFLOOR at the basic level, trainees can






Trainees can familiarise themselves with the assembly groups and functions of CNC machines in a realistically reproduced virtual shopfloor environment as an introduction to CNC qualification.

Interactive animations provide basic information about the machine environment, such as:

  • Measuring and inspection means
  • Clamping means
  • Torque
  • Designs
  • Tool clamping
  • Clamping path adjustment
  • Clamping pressure adjustment
  • Infrared measuring probe
  • Zero point offset
  • Ball screw
  • Linear drive
  • Direct and indirect measurement
  • Central lubricating system
  • PLC

In the virtual shopfloor "equipped" with virtual machines, trainees can find clear answers to the question “How does it function?” This motivates the trainee to enter deeper into the subject of CNC.

1Milling 3D Sim

11Milling Geometry

13Milling PAL 3 2 Sim

14Milling Workplan

15Picture 1

16Picture 2

17Picture 3

18Turning 3D Sim

19Turning PAL C Y Sim

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